The Global Climate Emergency: Ensuring Accountability and Assimilating Innovation

Where will you be when the seas rise and the waves wash over our megacities? What will you do when the air becomes so toxic that people won’t be able to survive breathing it? What will you say about your failure to your descendants when the world ends?All throughout human history, as much as we’ve thought about our past and how we came to be, we’ve also thought about our future- how we’re going to end. Is it going to be an asteroid strike? Will it be a volcanic eruption? As the answer hurtles towards us with increasing urgency, we have now reached the final countdown. What wipes out human civilization will be the most mundane reason of all: our greed. It is not an issue for future generations. It is not an issue we can talk about in 10-15 years. The problem is here, and the problem is now. If we do not act now, there’ll be nothing to act on later. At the end, when the dust settles, the Earth will be completely fine; it’s us that will be nowhere to be seen. This February, come play your part in saving the world. Because no matter what plans you have- there is no Planet B.