Publicly Private

Since independence, it has been a trend that commodities common to all citizens is the responsibility of the government. Hence was the inception of the Public sector in India. Ever since, the distribution such entities in India has gone through immense changes, some for the better, some for worse. However, the biggest change that has taken place is the shift of authority into the hands of private enterprises.
In light of the evolving trend, The IITG Model United Nations Edition 14 proudly presents its first agenda, a Lok Sabha committee, Publicly Private: Analysing Privatisation and Disinvestment. Given the current economic state of the country, recovering from covid, can the common man bear this shift or is the private sector growing considerate to the everyday needs of the citizens. The argument for privatisation is that the private sector is more efficient and that public sector units perform better when they are in private hands. What does the evidence say, though? As India begins on a huge sell-off, these are considerations to examine. Are you up to the challenge?

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