Reworking the Sokovia Accords: Regulation and Rights of Superhumans.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at a crossroads. One that will determine the future of millions of its citizens. It will take only the sharpest political minds and the most eloquent of orators to resolve this crisis. The Sokovia Accords were put forward by the United Nations in 2016 as a means by which the UN could regulate and increase accountability for superhuman activity around the world. Though the basic intent and idea was sound, the Accords themselves were fundamentally flawed, completely ineffective and majorly violated basic human rights. The Accords were seen by many as nothing but a political pipe dream.Now, with new superhumans coming to light all around the world every day, there is an urgent need to create an international set of standards by which superheroes can be effectively regulated for the safety of the public and themselves, while at the same time, ensuring that no human rights and liberties are violated.This February, immerse yourself in a world of fierce debate to work towards creating an effective, humane and implementable set of regulations for enhanced individuals all around the world.